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Arrested aussie claims israeli soldiers assaulted him and his wife

Police: After refusing to identify himself as a resident of Southwark, he was accused of being part of an extremist organisation

Police say they arrested a man in his 20s on suspicion of being part of an international terror group

Two Iranian nationals, aged 25 and 30, were arrested yesterday and released after an hour on a police chase in south London

A Southwark man who refused to identify himself as an resident of the northern London borough has been arrested after a police chase in which a dozen officers were injured.

Officers descended on a street at Kings Cross in south London last night and began chasing a man they believed to be involved in anti-immigration demonstrations.

The officers got a wrong turn and chased the man through the leafy area before he finally stopped in front of two cars parked nearby.

Arrested: Two Iranian nationals aged 25 and 30, were arrested yesterday and released after an hour

Officers allege the man, identified as 24-year-old Amir Ali Zaki, shouted 'Shame! You Muslims!' and punched his wife in the stomach

The vehicle then sped off in a red Jaguar driven by two members of the Iranian national's family who were stopped just feet away from it.

Officers believed the man - whose full name is believed to be Khazan Aharrami, but has not been named - was carrying weapons and began shooting at the men as they ran away.

Officers described the suspect as 20-years-old.

A police spokesman said: 'The suspect and one other suspect are arrested on suspicion of being members of an international terrorist organisation. They have since been released from police custody.

'Members of the public who witnessed the incident are being urged to contact the police or London's major armed police with any details.'

Arrested: Two Iranian nationals were arrested yesterday and released after an hour after an officer was seriously injured in the chase

No-go zone: The vehicle drove away from police as the pair began firing

Arrested: The man's wife was shot in the head before the man was dragged into the car

Officers said the man 'told them he did not belong in London because he did not belong in a normal society' and then started shouting slogans while fleeing the area.

After a second chase a third vehicle followed and the two were forced to pull over when the suspect smashed into another car, hitting the driver in the head.

The man is believed to have shouted'shame, you Muslims', which is an anti-Islamist slogan and it is unclear if the Arabic name was Arabic or Arabic-sounding.

The driver, 34-year-old Ham
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Tuna red tape removed in favour of a "shady business" and "one-stop shop" for foreign nationals to get an IT visa to work in Australia.

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